A modern, ethical, revolutionary textile manufactory.100% Made in Italy.

We are a modern, state of the art textile manufactory company: we operate out of our factories in central Italy for some of the most sought-after, renowned fashion brands in the world and, at the same time, we have supported and played a key role in the development of many avant-garde spin-offs that are now considered fore-runners of fashion industry innovation.

We specialize in denim and, today, we are one of the very few facilities worldwide that truly revolutionized jeans washing process by exploiting advanced laser machinery and know-how: a choice towards environment responsibility and sustainable excellence.


Way above textile manufactory.

Never ending improvement of textile manufacturing processes: evolving spirit and environmental responsibility.

We love our job and we are constantly striving in the pursuit of improvement: we have revolutionized what is considered common-practice in the textile manufactory industry, standing out for methodology, approach and results. We have abandoned the regular approach of “customer and supplier”

adopting a mind-set oriented to partnership which, in turn, managed to drive us toward a success which is equally solid and shared amongst both parties. That’s why we like to call ourselves “your partner” and be able to support your visions into the most advanced and ambitious projects in the fashion industry.

We love our job: that's why you'll love the results.

That may be the only possible way so that you can ever fall in love with the final product: you have got to love your job. We do love our job since 1976 when, we are talking about more than 40 years ago, Piero Moretti and Teresa Stocchi starred to work as tailors. They then decided to aim their efforts towards high-end denim: this decision definitely paid off, a lot. The extraordinary success that followed allowed Ideal Blue Spa to become what it is today.

All our departments are structured to be highly inter-connected allowing for a better operational functionality both when designing and when doing the effective production run. The manufacturing process in its whole is carried out solely inside our factory allowing for a greater attention to detail while guaranteeing total secrecy for the new-born garments. From scratch to finish, Ideal Blue offers everything you need in one, single, convenient facility in central Italy.